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Hi, I'm Rosa.

I help professionals, entrepreneurs, and leaders thrive in love and life by teaching them how to  know who they are; grow their authentic self; and go towards purpose with passion.

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Rosa Jones is a professional counselor, entrepreneur, spiritual leader, and writer. For nearly 20 years, Rosa has served adolescents and adults in the education, health, and faith industries.  Rosa is the owner of Freedom Support Services, Inc., a human services agency dedicated to inspiring hope and supporting change.

Rosa specializes in helping people get unstuck by overcoming feelings of discontentment, frustration, confusion, depression, burnout, anxiety, isolation, and any other negative emotions that stand between them and their ability to experience joy and peace.  She knows that even successful, well-adjusted people have social-emotional learning gaps. The application of what we learn from our family of origin, college, business, or faith communities must be coupled with a continual knowing of who we are, where we are on life's journey, and how to move forward.  She teaches people how to listen to themselves in ways that bring forth growth, healing, and dynamic movement towards the life they are designed to live.

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You are always changing, evolving—but you may not always recognize the changes in your thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and desires.  Are you being your authentic self? Increase self-awareness, despite your season of life.

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Reaching your goals requires personal growth. Nothing will ever grow inside of your comfort zone. Develop yourself—increasing your capacity and maturity. 

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Take action! Anything worth having is worth working for. Take actionable steps from where you are to where you want to be.

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