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Stressed Woman

Healthy Self 101

A guilt-free guide to setting boundaries in relationships and realigning your clarity, communication, and confidence. 

Get Clarity

Getting clear about what you think and how you feel will help you accept things you cannot control so that you no longer sit and replay your day when you should be sleeping or relaxing.

Improve Communication

Learning and practicing exactly what to say and do is a game changer for you and the people you lead! In home, at work, and in the community, you will begin modeling healthy and assertive communication.

Boost Confidence

The process of setting limits will empower you to be honest with yourself and others so that you can just be yourself and cultivate bonds with people who love and accept the real you.



"Rosa Jones is a gem in the coaching & therapy world.  Her exceptional ability to knit together the human heart and psyche with word threads that hold a delicate potency commands the soul to heal in ways it otherwise would have been unable to comprehend. I have personally benefited and able to apply what I learn from her weekly live videos on Setting Healthy Boundaries in all types of relationships.   I am able to live freely with the understanding that I don’t always have to hit “control+ alt+delete when a relationship is toxic, I can lift my bridge and reconnect it any time to ensure I am in a healthy state of mind."

Bathsheba Smithen

Educational Consultant, International Speaker & CEO/Founder of Cage Free Voices

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Pay Monthly

• Access to Healthy Self 101

• Self-Reflection Guides

• Bimonthly Support Group Meeting



One Payment

• Access to Healthy Self 101

• Self-Reflection Guides

• Bimonthly Support Group Meeting

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